About Go Invest Green

Do you know just how powerful your savings can be in driving the transition to a green economy?

Whether we know how our money is used or not, our savings shape our world. Money we think of as sitting quietly in the bank, or accumulating patiently in a pension fund, is actually hyperactive, invested and reinvested by the finance professionals who manage it.

Unless we take the time to understand how our savings are being used they may well be working against rather than for a green future.

Helping you see where your money is going

Go Invest Green is a UK-based voluntary organisation highlighting the power of investment to build the green economy of the future. We a diverse group of financial and communications professionals, business writers, and web developers with a keen interest in green finance. We can’t give you advice about how where to put your money, but we can pass on what we’ve learned in the course of greening our own savings.

The first version of our first app helps you assess how green your pension is. We’ve taken a careful look at the UK’s most common pension plans to assess just how green they are, to make it easier for you to decide whether you’re happy where your money is going, or whether you want to make a change – try it out today.

You’ll see that many workplace pensions still invest more than you’d like in fossil fuels and other high-carbon sectors. But more and more are investing in the new technologies and industries that are building a new zero carbon economy.

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